About the Festival

UCF Celebrates the Arts, a festival showcasing creativity, innovation and collaboration from Orlando’s hometown university, occurs annually at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in April. The event is hosted by the UCF College of Arts and Humanities and features the faculty and students from the School of Performing Arts and the School of Visual Arts and Design, as well as work from the humanities departments and other units from around the university. Partnership, one of UCF’s long-standing values, is brought front-and-center at UCF Celebrates the Arts, with many events showcasing the collaborative nature of the university and demonstrating how UCF is both in and of the Central Florida community.

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UCF Celebrates the Arts is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Steering Committee

  • Michael Wainstein, Chair
  • Gary Brown
  • Jessica Compton
  • Hannah Estes
  • Morganne Flood
  • Heather Gibson
  • Amy Hadley
  • Thomas Harrison
  • Christine Lapka
  • Paul Lartonoix
  • Julia Listengarten
  • Scott Lubaroff
  • Claudia Lynch
  • Rudy McDaniel
  • Joe Muley
  • Bridgett Parry
  • Jeffery Redding
  • Azela Santana
  • Bert Scott
  • Keri Watson

Senior Production Supervisor

  • Paul Lartonoix

Production Supervisor

  • Amy Hadley

Assistant Production Supervisor

  • Lauren Koval

Venue Coordinators

  • Reme J Elias
  • Alyssa Marinello
  • Zachary Perez
  • Sean Patrick Philibin

Faculty Stage Management Advisor

  • Claudia Lynch

Company Manager

  • Taylor Bray

Assistant Company Manager

  • Renee Doty

Production Stage Manager

  • Ayana Yokie

Stage Managers

  • Kayla Amburgey
  • Rami Amm
  • B Antonetty
  • Jen Balestra
  • Elliot Bertrand
  • Grace Caudill
  • Marisa Figueras
  • Michael Ghysels
  • Kaitlyn Gill
  • Savannah Hernandez
  • Jaina Hope
  • Caelus Leadley
  • Matthew Patterson
  • Olivia Perez
  • Brandy Ramos
  • Vicki Rezman
  • Bridgett Rojas
  • Jordan Simon
  • Cameron Sparks
  • Victoria Torres
  • Elana Tresier
  • Magdalena Tronina
  • Delayna Wahlberg
  • Annalee Weydert
  • Luis Williams
  • Abigail Willis
  • Christian Wilson
  • Addison Wood
  • Cameron Wynne

Box Office & Front-of-House

  • Austen Martin
  • Bridget Parry


  • Quwade Bretch
  • Jessica Compton
  • Matthew Dunn
  • Hannah Estes
  • Morganne Flood
  • Heather Gibson
  • Jonathan Ling
  • Nicolle Luzardo
  • Madeleine Mulford
  • Rachel Toussaint

Photography & Videography

  • Hannah Estes
  • Tony Firriolo
  • McKenzie Lakey
  • Bella Miranda

Festival Design

  • Regan Adre
  • Victor Dávila
  • Katie Drescher
  • Matthew Dunn
  • Arianna O’Rourke
  • Ashley VanDuren