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Welcome to the Moon and Other One Acts

by John Patrick Shanley  
Directed by Peter Cortelli ’10MFA, Tara Kromer ’15MFA and Joshian Morales ’13
Experience the tantalizing, romantic and bittersweet writing of Tony Award, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley with his one acts: The Red Coat, Down and Out, Let Us Go into the Starry Night, Out West, A Lonely Impulse of Delight and Welcome to the Moon.

This is collection of six separate stories of people reaching out to find love, old and new, blending humor, poetry and truth into each story. The Red Coat embodies the overwhelming feeling of new love, following two high school teenagers outside of a party in the Bronx. Down and Out captures a riveting moment between the Poet and his Love who saves his soul. Let Us Go Out into the Starry Night depicts the captivating spiritual journey of two lonely people to the magical world of stars and planets. Out West is an enthralling contemporary take on a classic western. A Lonely Impulse of Delight dives into the whimsical side of love and fairy-tale conceits, telling the story of a man admitting to his best friend he is madly in love with a mermaid that lives in Central Park Lake. Welcome to the Moon follows two old friends, Vinnie and Stephan, meeting for drinks in a Bronx bar. Time stops for a bittersweet moment as the two women they love the most enter, as past and present become one.


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