A personal interactive storytelling project where students create two short digital narratives.

Explore the research of students from the Nicholson School of Communication and Media’s undergraduate Digital Media program. A presentation about the Life/Ways project, which explores the relationship between fact and fiction, linear and interactive story, and digital storytelling workshop and game jam creative production, is followed by a recognition ceremony and an opportunity for patrons to explore the digital projects.

The Life/Ways project began in a graduate Digital Media course in Spring 2018, during which students piloted a personal interactive storytelling project that extends StoryCenter’s traditional model of personal digital memoir and engages the fictive imagination. The students in the pilot created two short digital narratives: one a digital video that combines voiceover audio, images, and sometimes other video and/or audio, and the other an interactive narrative focused on the same subject matter as the digital video, but focusing on a “what if” scenario where their lives might have gone differently. In the following semester, the project was extended to undergraduate students from multiple UCF departments who participated in a three-day workshop in which students started their own Life/Ways projects. Following the workshop, a graduate research associate help them develop and complete their videos over a three-week period. A committee of UCF faculty members selected several of these projects to be featured in this exhibition. The workshop and exhibition were supported through a QEP grant from UCF.

Event Participants

Natalie Underberg-Goode, project director, Nicholson School of Media and Communication
Alexander Boyd, graduate research assistant
Kellie Driscoll, selected artist
Aaron Hose, selected artist
Audrey Anderson, program participant
Frances Maldonado, program participant
Sherryl Ptallah, program participant
Isadora Zuidema, program participant