FREE! The UCF Concert Band provides an entertaining musical journey for people of all abilities and needs, introducing different creatures and animals, while music education students serve as guides to the experience.

This young person’s concert provides a safe and welcoming environment for people who may not typically be able to attend live concerts. Support will be offered for families and members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, people on the autism spectrum and with intellectual disabilities, and the Central Florida community at large. The musicians and staff expect that people may need to get up, move about or leave during the performance. Balloons, visual representations and opportunities to move will be provided to support the enjoyment of music. Patrons are encouraged to bring hearing protection, fidget toys, manipulatives, cushions and support objects to the concert. This free program is open to any and all members of the community to experience and enjoy.

50 minutes without intermission.

For groups over 8 or special accommodation requests, please email

Terrific Beasts and Mythical Creatures

Flight of the Pegasus (1994) – David Shaffer

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) – John Powell, Arr. Sean O’Loughlin

Dance of the Imp (2020) – David Samuel

Godzilla Eats Las Vegas (1996) – Eric Whitacre

UCF Concert Band



Amanda Anderson
Avery Chan
Sock Cruz Flores
Kristina Digennaro
Lacey Gold
Gwyneth Kirby
Keven Luciano
Morgan Mack
Marissa Pratt
Emily Thorsen
Andrew Wang


Christina Militello
Avery Watson


Xavier Colon
Hannah DeGraw
Kaitlyn Dudley
Edwin Gonzalez
Amanda Green
Anna Hall
Jennifer Hughes
Jaae Kim
Rachel Lee
Abigail Romano
Emily Stefani

Bass Clarinet

Mallory Bronson


Mars Mattison

Alto Saxophone

April Cardenas Rodriguez
Joseph Casuga
Sierra Gavilondo
Caleb Gee
Evan Hicks
Shelby Jones
Sarah Paulet
Gabriella Valdivia

Tenor Saxophone

James Blanc
Aidan Jimenez

Bari Saxophone

Jonah Lynne


Mary Grace Holley
Anjanette Marciano
Noah Pompa
Allyson Stocker
Christina Zamora


Lacey Bigler
Joseph Cabrera
Rachel Christie
Arren Huckleberry
Parker Martin
Leighton Robinson
Joshua Robles-Crespo
Evan Stees
Zachary Trexler


Benjamin Colaiuta
Cameron Cummins
Ethan Lubin
Adrian Ranger
Michael Tondini


Jacob Gauger
Ethan Jarskey
Liam Kilcommons
Jaslynne Ordaz
Collin Palermino
Brianna Plante


Nicholas Barrios
Joshua Chaney
Alexa Cohen Campbell
Chiara Conti
Sebastian Esteban
Holly Wamsley

Electric Bass

Brianna Jagjit


McKenna Keplinger


Dawson Beach
Johnathan Boris
Nicole Carbajal
Andrea Marquez Tavera
Skylar Pearson
Caitlin Russo
Gabriel Salyer
Abner Wilhelm

Inclusive Knights Personnel

Emily Broom
Rachel Dieckmann
Jordan Garbaciak
Kaia Leavitt
Jennifer Peters
Tabitha Petrak
Nicole Spinelli
Kaitlyn Strauss