The UCF Women’s Chorus, Men’s Ensemble, University Chorus, and Chamber Singers treat guests to a musical performance with a social justice theme.

Women’s Chorus
Men’s Ensemble
Kelly A. Miller, conductor

Chamber Singers
University Chorus
David L. Brunner, conductor

Robin Jensen, collaborative pianist

The messages of the music on tonight’s program focus on inequalities and injustices, prejudice and discrimination. But also hopefulness and new beginnings, possibilities and change – the light of a clear blue morning.

The archival recordings are those of singers from the 60’s: Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary — those who sang about injustice, civil rights, war and peace. Their messages are our messages.

We’ve decided to forego tuxedos and formal dresses tonight and sing as regular people, just like you, who have concerns about the needs of others.

We appreciate your silence during the transitions, refraining from applause until the end of the program.


What The World Needs Now (Abraham, Martin and John) – Tom Clay (1971)

O Vos Omnes – Pablo Casals

Reading: Matthew 25:35 – 40

The Hungry Angels – Robert A. Harris

Motherless Child – African-American Spiritual, arr. Craig Hella Johnson
Jenna Toler, soloist

Blowing in the Wind – Bob Dylan (1963)

Tell My Father (from The Civil War) – Frank Wildhorn, arr. Andrea Ramsey

Prayer for the Children – Andrea S. Klouse

If I had a Hammer – Pete Seeger/Peter, Paul and Mary (1963)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? – Traditional Appalachian, arr. J. David Moore

But a Flint Holds Fire – Andrea Ramsey

Reading: Woman Work – Maya Angelou

Truth – Andrea Ramsey

Hard Times – Stephen Foster, arr. Craig Hella Johnson
Allison Stanley, soloist

Things That Never Die – Lee Dengler

The Times They Are A Changin’ – Bob Dylan (1964)

We Rise Again – Dubinsky/ arr. Stephen Smith

Unclouded Day – Josiah Kelley Atwood, arr. Shawn Kirchner

Let the River Run – Carly Simon, arr. Craig Hella Johnson
Christian De La Torre and Joseph Timm, percusssion

A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke (1964)

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around – African-American Spiritual, arr. J. David Moore
Courtesy of the Justice Choir Songbook

1000 Beautiful Things – Annie Lennox, arr. Craig Hella Johnson
Nicole Riddering, soloist
Christian De La Torre and Joseph Timm, percussion

We Shall Overcome – (Pete Seeger), sung by Joan Baez
I Have A Dream (August 28, 2963) – Martin Luther King

I Dream A World – David L. Brunner

Make Them Hear You (from Ragtime) – Stephen Flaherty, arr. Mark Hayes
José-Manuel Lopez, soloist

Reading: On The Pulse of Morning – Maya Angelou

Light of a Clear Blue Morning – Dolly Parton, arr. Craig Hella Johnson
Kelly Miller, soloist


Special thanks to readers Be Boyd and Mark Brotherton, of the Theatre UCF faculty.

University Chorus
Natalie Almeter
Giselle Beuscher
Sarah Brickeen
Alyssa Cassidy
Andrea Cimino
Stephane Eugster
Olivia Figh
Emily Gensch
Elizabeth Glavin
Lisamarie Guadalupe
Joyce Hernandez
Nicole Leonard
Zaria Modeste
Maeghin Mueller
Mairead O’Rourke
Emanuela Pava
Marisol Santander
Andrea Segarra
Allyson Sherron
Allison Stanley
Sarah Stanley
Jenna Toler

Breanna Costa
Maricel Cumbo
Jenna Derrenbacker
Linsey Duca
Elton Gargano
Maggie Gifford
Leah Hernandez
Paulina Hernandez
Lora Korpar
Ariana Lanahan
Alyssa Long
Gayssie Lugo
Christina Machado
Bethany Marsh
Queenija Morris
Melanie Niarhos
Nicole Riddering
Ilani Santos
Karissa Hardin

Armani Adames
Peter Devita
Christopher Ludwig
Deyvion Norris
Andres Soler-Garzon
Micah Walker
Benjamin Watson
Yuting Zhang

Pierce Connell
Rashad Everett
Matthew Fackler
Francesco Frevola
David Goodwill
Ryan Goodwin
Michael Hanusiak
Colin Jackson
José-Manuel Lopez
Robert Proben
Dezi Rodgers
Andrew Smith
Zach Weinstein
Jacob Woods
David Hertzog

Men’s Ensemble
Armani Adames
Aidan Amato
James Aurilio
Steven Brisco
James Chorma
Tyler Cox
Cesar Lengua-Miranda
Micah Walker

Women’s Chorus
Soprano I
Arianna Bounds
Melissa Derison
Melanie Fesmire
Kathleen Kilcommons
Nicole Leonard
Kayla Lodge
Elizabeth Lockwood
Ashlen McWhorter
Annalise Mendez
Lissette Moran-Kenner
Jacqueline O’Brien
Alyssa Parker
Allyson Sherron
Jessica Watley
Chloe Ziler

Soprano II
Xena Abella
Olivia Browdy
Lydia Castillo
Sarah Kwilecki
Delaney Knapp
Faith Knapp
Guliana Saint-Louis
Victoria Lane
Heather Reid
Lauren Smedberg
Madeleine Smith
Meghan St. Pierre
Christine Tholen
Katie Zarama

Alto I
Alexandria Achinapura
Lynette Davis
Sashah Elouidor
Natasha Huston
Jin Jones
Sophia Kennedy
Alyssa Long
Lyanna Martinez
Veronica Nguyen
Annabelle Pace
Andrea Roman
Reide Smith

Alto II
Destiny Antonelli
Widelyne Beaubrun
Darien Frey
Elizabeth Leroy
Kristin Linn
Alexis Mack
Marissa Richards
Nicole Riddering
Lauren Vetere

Chamber Singers
Pierce Connell
Matthew Fackler
Elizabeth Glavin
Johanna Gonzalez
José-Manuel Lopez
Heidi Mattern
Quinn McCardie
Mairead O’Rourke
Phoebe Singletary
Lauren Smedberg
Allison Stanley
Jenna Toler
Alexis Whitehead
Yuting Zhang