A Celebration of Arts, Storytelling and Technology

Saturday April 7, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

DeVos Family Room

There are currently no tickets available for this event. Please join the wait line at the event; we do our best to accommodate as many guests as possible.

One night of exhibitions showcasing work that weaves together arts and technology, featuring a digital media showcase, an alumni panel, interactive projections, and demonstrations of digital storytelling, tools for historians, and video gaming.

Exhibits include:

  • The Annual Digital Media Gala (Showcase, Creative Speakers Panel, and Digital Media Awards)
  • Veteran’s Legacy Program (Playscript reading and mobile app demonstration)
  • The Florida Review presents Aquifer, a digital journal
  • Games from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
  • Interactive projections from the Design for New Media class


The Annual Digital Media Gala

Join us to celebrate the next generation of innovators from the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design’s Digital Media Web and Game Design programs. Play, interact and experience a showcase of work created by our best and brightest up-and-coming digital media professionals. This year’s event will include undergraduate and graduate interactive media demos, professor-mentored research, as well as a panel discussion led by industry professionals focusing on obtaining a career in the digital media industry after graduation. Finally, stay for our award ceremony where we will recognize the best of the best in our Digital Media Web and Game Design programs.

6 p.m. | Digital Media Showcase
7:15 p.m. | Creative Speakers Alumni Panel
8 p.m. | Digital Media Awards

Alumni panelists include Rainer Flor ’05, co-founder and chief product officer for PhotoDay, a software platform for labs and studios; Jenny Farhat ’10MA, artist, photographer, filmmaker, and digital content creator with focus on social responsibility and human rights; and Hezekiah Olopade ’15 ’17MS, co-founder and project lead for indie start-up Glass Cat Studios, a game development company creating virtual reality escape rooms.

Interactive New Media Installations

Graduate students from the Design for New Media course present site specific interactive installations. These creative projects are dispersed throughout the lobby spaces on floors 2 through 5, and explore new ways to connect with art and media. Attendees are welcome to engage with these multimedia works that blend photography, audio and narrative forms.

Student participants: Timothy DeGilio, Jason Fronczek, Kenton (Taylor) Howard, Priya Mahalanobis, Jean-Phillip (JP) Narcisse, Joseph Valancy, Zhefu (Jacob) Wan, Erica Weiss

I Can Study Video Games?

Ever wonder how a video game is made or how you can earn a degree studying games? Students and staff from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, UCF’s graduate game-development program, present an interactive installation that demonstrates the technical and creative aspects of game development. Meet FIEA professors, students and staff and see some of the best games from this top-ranked program.

Veteran’s Legacy Program

This playscript reading and mobile app demonstration is a collaboration between UCF students, directed by Theatre UCF faculty member Holly E. McDonald and the Principal Investigators with UCF Veteran’s Legacy Program. Undergraduate students in three UCF courses researched and wrote biographies of more than 100 veterans commemorated at Florida National Cemetery. Their research focused on the experiences of individual veterans and their contribution to our national history.

Playscript Development Team Members

  • Holly E. McDonald, Project Director & Playwright, Associate Lecturer UCF School of Performing Arts
  • Allison Stanley, Playwright & Performer, UCF student
  • Waneka Leary, Playwright & Performer, UCF student
  • Teraesa Lou, Playwright & Performer, UCF student and veteran
  • Micah Renfrow, UCF student
  • Sofia Pultro, UCF student
  • Kayla Grey, UCF student

Veteran’s Legacy Program Primary Investigators

  • Amelia Lyons, PhD, Associate Professor, UCF History Department
  • Barbara Gannon, PhD, Associate Professor, UCF History Department, Army Veteran
  • Amy Larner Gioux, PhD, Computer Research Specialist, UCF Center for Humanities & Digital Research
  • Scot French, PhD, Associate Professor, UCF History Department
  • Caroline Cheong, PhD, Assistant Professor, UCF History Department
  • John Sacher, PhD, Associate Professor, UCF History Department
  • Tiffany Rivera, MA, Assistant Director of Educational & Training Programs, UCF History Department

The Florida Review’s Aquifer

Come discover 43 years of UCF’s prestigious literary magazine, The Florida Review, and learn about the new online expansion, Aquifer, which features literary, visual, and new media works on a weekly basis, as well as author interviews and book reviews. Come by and meet some of the dedicated team of faculty, grad students, and undergrads that bring The Florida Review and Aquifer to life.

At the booth, you can chat with students who have earned real-world experience through the practicum course where they study the editorial and publishing process. The booth will feature new videos produced by Film BFA students, in addition to an interactive tour of our website. Students will represent a few of their favorite characters from Florida Review works, and Orlando’s Poet Laureate, Susan Lilley, a Florida Review author, will be on hand to promote the importance of poetry.

The Florida Review is directed and edited by Associate Professor Lisa Roney, with assistance from a team of faculty and volunteer editors from across the country, as well as interns and students. The writers and artists published by both The Florida Review and Aquifer are from around the world.


Lisa Roney, Florida Review Publications Editor and Director
Katherine Shults, Aquifer Film Curator and Project Advisor
Maliik Morales, Promotional Video Producer
Kathyrn Jenkins, Promotional Video Producer

Michael Dorsey, playing Marcus from LaTanya McQueen’s “Jashanna”Briana Posner, playing home invasion victim from Aubrey Hirsch’s “The Language of Trauma”
Alexandria Zaldivar, playing Ana Castillo, author and narrator of “Mi’jo’s Canon in D Major,” whose son has just gone to prison
Codi Barron, Editorial Intern
Matthew Leon, Editorial Intern
Susan Lilley, Orlando Poet Laureate and author of “County Fair,” TFR 18.2.